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Nice app

Nice app, but not as helpful as Id hoped. Would really appreciate if they added case tips for more surgical procedures. It seems like most of the surgeries I try to read up on are not listed in the app. Search functions are frustrating. Only searches first word of a topic (E.g. Cant search "cefazolin" because its listed as "ancef (cefazolin)").


Awesome app! Very comprehensive. A great pocket reference!! Must have!

Great app for grads and seasoned CRNAs

This is a very nice app. Runs great. Very accurate in the "here is what you need and what to expect" realm. I recommend it to all anesthesia providers. Well worth the price.

awesome app!

This app is a great reference tool! Very informative & easy to use. A must have!

Well done

Finally - an app I could use everyday in the clinical setting!!!!! I can now review my upcoming cases on the fly!

Sevo girl

Great app. Wish I had this last year when I was a student. My life would have been easier !

Well done

Very informative. Simplifies our cases. I like the review notes too, and its easy to read!


Great app! Very detailed. Excellent reference for students


Most relevant anesthesia app. Minor error under c/s review with spelling and dosing of hemabate, but I still frequently consult this app in practice.

Sevo mom

Love this app. The senior students told us its the most important app we will need. All my classmates use this and the seniors are correct. Takes away a lot of stress and wasted time looking up cases.

Excellent student resource

Of all the resources I have, this is the one I actually use on a regular basis in the OR. Easy to use & it gets to the point to tell you what to expect during each case type. Definitely worth it!

Big Doc

As an experienced anesthesiologist, I have to admit this is a great app. I use it when I come across a case I have not seen in awhile. I dont have to run back to my office and look it up. Its it easy to use and actually very very realistic and up to date. A great fast reference for a quick review.

Great app!

Reliable and easy to use. I look forward to more apps from this source. I use it every day.


I am a SRNA in my 1st month of clinical. This app is excellent! I already use Jaffes book to look up my cases the night before, but there have been some cases that we not in Jaffe that I was able to find in the app. Excellent resource & easy to use. Would be even better if I could add notes to the existing care plans as well as add my own care plans :)

Love this!

Very helpful app for quick reference in the OR! This is perfect for anesthesia providers like myself!

Great app but room for improvement

This app is a solid deal. Im not resubscribing to anesthesia central since I found this. (That is ~$150/year!) I would love it if there was a way to type in a search term instead of searching by category or name of procedure, and there are a couple cases Ive been doing a bit in school that I havent found on here (T&A comes to mind). But still this is a solid app and I highly recommend it!!

Great app!

As a new grad, I find this app very useful for quickly looking up case information on cases that I am unfamiliar with or may have not seen since school.

So helpful

I love this app and use it almost every day. As a SRNA it offers me a quick source of useful information when I have a case added that I have never done. Thanks for the update with Meds and notes!!!

Best collaborative app

Best collaborative app for anesthesia. This is my go-to app for clinical and testing purposes. Everything you need to know for cases in one app. I use this for my case plans too. Love it!


I have 14 anesthesia apps and this one is the only one I look at daily.its like jaffe, except it appears to be written by people who actually sit cases. Its very realistic.

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