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Nice app

Nice app, but not as helpful as Id hoped. Would really appreciate if they added case tips for more surgical procedures. It seems like most of the surgeries I try to read up on are not listed in the app. Search functions are frustrating. Only searches first word of a topic (E.g. Cant search "cefazolin" because its listed as "ancef (cefazolin)").

Excellent app

Would be even better if I could bookmark specific pages.

Unmatched. Excellent resource.

Love this app, especially for peds. Buy it, use it. I would like to see a greater emphasis on peer review of the case tips, perhaps even with unobtrusive citations to demonstrate concurrence with current evidence, and some mechanism to ensure an ongoing review of the case tips as evidence and practice changes. Some of the case tips definitely come across as the way one person approaches the case when there are several, perhaps better, approaches.

Great App!

Great app! Perfect when needing a quick review. All the updates and additions have been great.

Can be misleading

The app I found has a good amount of information, but I found some errors within it that is not correct and can be misleading. For ketamine I found it said it was a kappa antagonist, when in fact it is a kappa agonist. Kind of find it hard to trust some of the information now to be honest. I would expect for more accurate information especially when the app is at a cost of $60.00, which is a hefty price.

IPhone 4s

Cannot see entire app on my screen. Spending money paying the student loan monster, so no phone upgrade for only THIS app. Do recommend. Good quick info at your fingertips. Fix screen issues for backward compatibility and would give 5+ stars.

A must for SRNAs!

This app is pretty awesome! I use it for drugs and to review for cases to make my care plans. The app is succinct and has been an invaluable asset during CRNA school!


I recently purchased the iPad version of the app for you new iPad I also recently purchased. First of all, out of the 7 boxes "Adult Anesthesia" "Anesthesia drips" "Case Tips" "CABG" "Drug Box" "MH" "Crises"....only the first 5 appear on the screen, so I dont have access to the MH or Crises boxes from my iPad. Secondly, the CARG & Drug box open up to blank screen. After trying to troubleshoot it I contacted Matt Vargo to whom I sent screenshots of the blank screens and described my problems to him completely he said he will look into it. 10 days later when I contacted him again he simply stated "it passes the simulator and shows no bugs. So far your iPad is the only one that has issues-dont know what to say." So if you are willing to have access to only half of the app you spent $40.00 then go ahead otherwise BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK....HORRIBLE HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SUPPORT.

Useful App

This is a great app for quick info on a case or drugs, just wish it included comorbidities for the price

Great reference

Straight forward, referenced

Pricey but worth it

Very helpful. Thank you for combining the apps (CABG / drips / cases)! And recently adding the MH section

Not working after update

Only brings me to title page after opening app. Does not provide the 5 choices on main page.

Love this app!

I am just learning anesthesia, and I can not tell you in a few words how helpful this app has been. So much pertinent info!! Thanks!

Great Apps at any level!

I started picking up these apps when I was an SRNA but still find myself using them regularly as a CRNA It is an invaluable resource especially if you get an unusual case added to your room and you want to be prepared. The peds app is great and easy to find drug doses appropriate size equipment and normal VS etc. broken down by age or weight, good tips like "smooth emergence" The drug box is worth the cost in itself easy to find info on the anesthesia drugs we give with real world uses and suggestions. The CABG app made me look like a rock star during my cardiac rotation. Very easy to follow step by step to allow you to look and feel prepared. I strongly recommend this group of apps they are a great resource for new and experienced anesthesia providers.

Worth the money.

Well organized. Can be used as a quick reference or to get more in depth at a information. I would recommend to students, but I still like them to write emergency dosages and the like. I dont want them reaching for their phone during a bronchospasm. LOL. This app would have been great as a new student in the clinical area doing case plans. I would suggest a dedicated email link to reach the editors.

Great anesthesia app!

Love it

Great app!

I love the app. As an SRNA, it comes in real handy. My only suggestion is that next time you update it, include some room set up equipments that might be needed for a case, for example pace maker placement, what should I have in the room, etc. (for those of us that are just starting out).

Needs to have app fit to screen

I do love this app and I use it religiously. The drug Box section does not fit to screen for the iPhone 6 Plus and only 3/4 of the info can be seen on my screen with only 3/4 of my screen being used vs the old version fitting completely on my screen. The case tips and the other tabs work well and fit on my iPhone screen.

Best app for SRNA

I used this everyday for clinical. Gives quick tips on how to manage cases. Now this isnt a reference textbook type app. This app is for on the go quick info on how to manage a case. Drug app is very detailed and will give most information needed to run any sort of anesthetic you want. Most useful app for SRNAs.

Excellent reference for quick add ons

Downloaded and quickly briefed myself before getting thrown into a TIPS procedure. Was able to manage it efficiently because of the info in the all. Very grateful! 4 stars due to spelling errors. Get an editor and this app could be killer.

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